How do you want to be remembered?

In 1968, James Dilley looked at the wilderness surrounding Laguna Beach and decided that he wanted it to be protected. His dream led to the founding of Laguna Greenbelt, the March to Save Laguna Canyon, and in 1990, the founding of Laguna Canyon Foundation. We’ve been working ever since to keep Dilley’s legacy alive and protect Laguna’s beautiful coastal canyons.

Now you have a chance to create your own legacy. A charitable bequest to Laguna Canyon Foundation will ensure the conservation of our open space for generations to come, while protecting your own family’s financial future.

Ways to Give

Making a legacy gift is easy and can benefit both Laguna Canyon Foundation and you or your heirs. There are a variety of ways to remember LCF in your will or during your lifetime.


A gift in your will or living trust is the simplest way to remember Laguna Canyon Foundation. We recommend the following language:

Upon my death, my Trustee shall distribute (% of my Estate) or ($_________stated dollar amount) to Laguna Canyon Foundation, located in Laguna Beach, California, or its successor in interest, to be used for its general charitable purposes. I instruct my Trustee to satisfy this gift, to the extent possible, from property that constitutes income in respect of a decedent.

You may also explore designating LCF as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, IRA, or life insurance policy.


You can also set up a fund at the Orange County Community Foundation or another community foundation of your choice. A donor advised fund offers immediate tax benefits and the flexibility to determine where your donations go without the administrative hassle. Contributing to the Foundation’s general endowment, either through a gift today or by remembering us in your estate, is the perfect way to ensure that your gift will have long-lasting impacts.


Remember your loved ones by making a gift to the Foundation in their memory. When you donate from your inheritance, you can receive tax deductions and eliminate capital gains tax while honoring the people closest to you. Call us at (949) 497-8324 to discuss your planned gift and recognition with Laguna Canyon Foundation.