A Tribute to Guinevare Breeding

On April 26, 2017, Laguna Canyon Foundation lost our beloved Guine. As we continue to protect our open spaces, she will remain always in our hearts.

“I liked Guine from the first time I heard her voice on the LCF office telephone. I was not disappointed when we met in person at the office several times, she made business dealings especially pleasant. I was always surprised and happy to bump into her at various environmental talks, lectures, seminars and volunteer events. To say she was a special, warm and thoroughly charming personality would be to sell her short. She was much more than that.
…She will always be a warm, glowing sunbeam on a grey and cloudy day to me.”

“One word sums up my Aunt Guine perfectly: Trailblazer. Growing up in Tennessee, getting her fine arts degree from Boston University, moving to Manhattan, then ultimately to California, I remember one story from the time when she was offered her first teaching job in the inner-city of LA. The principal explained that the dress code was a “dress”, or skirt for ladies. Nevertheless Guine showed up her first day of classes in a pantsuit. When the principal questioned her, Guine explained that a pantsuit was much more functional, especially for a kindergarten classroom. After that day, there was no longer a requirement for ladies to wear skirts. Southern California was Guine’s perfect place. Once she bought her first house, in San Clemente, she was here to stay. She was always fearless...Her most fulfilling work was with Laguna Canyon Foundation. She loved everything about California, especially environmental conservation and enjoying nature. "

“For all of us who knew her, loved her – family, friend and volunteers who worked with her for many years – we will miss her… …The open spaces will miss her, too.”

“I knew Guine, the singer. She had an outstanding soprano voice, which we will miss. Far more, we will miss the happy, friendly person that produced such beautiful music…

… Our loss is the Choir of Angels’ Gain”

“We always enjoyed volunteering with Guine. It won’t be the same without her.”

Wanderer's Nightsong II

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Peace lies over
All the peaks
In all the trees
You sense
Hardly a breath;
The little forest birds fall silent.
Wait, and soon
You too will rest.

From the Orange County Register

Breeding, Guinevare, 77, of San Clemente, passed away peacefully on April 26, 2017 after a brief illness at home surrounded by family. Born in Sparta, TN on June 17, 1939, she was the daughter of Charles Albert Breeding and Geneva Clark Holliman.

She taught school for 21 years in the New York and Los Angeles City Schools and held degrees in classical theater and classical music.

Motivated by the beautiful open space of Orange County, she moved in 1997 to San Clemente where she worked for 18 years as the Administrative Director of the Laguna Canyon Foundation. She also volunteered countless hours in the Orange County wilderness parks and in 2014 received the Orange County Volunteerism Award.

She was a member of the choir of the St. James the Great Episcopal Church in Newport Beach and before that sang in the choir at the St. Clement's Episcopal Church in San Clemente and the Laguna Beach Chorale.

She is survived by two sisters, Mona Heath of Annandale, VA and Navetta Eanes of Pensacola, FL, three nieces, one nephew and three great nieces.