Bunn-Moore Land Acquisition

A key tributary to Laguna Canyon Creek is preserved from planned development of a large estate home with this 4.5-acre acquisition in Laguna Canyon.

Acquisition Date: May 2011 | Size of Acquisition: 4.5 acres | Cost of Acquisition: $675,000

Acquisition of the 4.5-acre Bunn-Moore property protected a vital creek tributary to nearby Laguna Canyon Creek. The property also features a spectacular assortment of sandstone cliffs, caves and boulders which support a wide range of microhabitats.

Raptors nest in the property's precipices and catch updrafts from the incoming coastal breeze. The property was planned for development of a large estate home which would have impacted sensitive habitat. Notably, preservation of the Bunn-Moore property completes the final public access connection linking thousands of acres of wilderness to Canyon Acres Drive, within a mile distance of the coast.