McGraw Land Acquisition

Pristine oak woodlands and coastal sage scrub habitat in the biodiverse Big Bend area are permanently preserved through a 4-acre acquisition

Acquisition Date: May 2012 | Size of Acquisition: 4 acres | Cost of Acquisition: $325,000

Excellent habitat values and a prominent hillside location atop the scenic Big Bend area made the McGraw property a priority for acquisition. The property is located contiguous to Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park and overlooks adjacent Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. The property features excellent coastal sage scrub and oak woodlands habitat and drains to several key watercourses. The property owner had been processing plans to develop the property when Laguna Canyon Foundation initiated its acquisition with support from a State Coastal Conservancy grant. Acquisition of the McGraw property protects open space viewsheds and vital habitat, while preventing development that would fragment wildlife movement and habitat connectivity.