Wainwright Land Acquisition

The iconic cliffs of Big Bend, which have inspired plein air painters for more than 100 years, are preserved with a 32-acre acquisition.

Acquisition Date: May 2005 | Size of Acquisition: 32 acres | Cost of Acquisition: $300,000

Laguna Canyon Foundation was thrilled to lead the successful preservation of one of Orange County’s most scenic and biologically important wilderness areas – Big Bend.

Magnificent sandstone and granite cliffs comprise the ridgeline, linking Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. More than 30 special status plant and wildlife species occupy the cliffs on the northern boundary of the property, including a succulent species that only exists in its namesake Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach dudleya. Completing the acquisition was complicated by the landowners living in a small village in Germany, but Laguna Canyon Foundation and its partner, The Conservation Fund, successfully navigated through the German consulate to close the escrow. The lower drainages of the property support a remarkable assortment of rare riparian and transitional zone flora, including ferns rarely seen in Orange County.