Laguna Canyon Creek Channel Clearance

Mitigating the risk of flooding in the Canyon while removing invasive weeds to improve habitat.

Current Status: Annual Maintenance | Start Date: September 2014 | Expected Completion: Ongoing | Project Lead: Alan Kaufmann

After floods resulting from heavy rainfall in December 2010 caused significant damage to homes and businesses in the Canyon, the City of Laguna Beach Public Works Department initiated an annual channel clearance program to remove debris from key sections of the channel of Laguna Canyon Creek.

Laguna Canyon Foundation partners with the Orange County Conservation Corps to accomplish this work each fall. In addition to removing branches, trash and other debris that could form a dam and cause floodwaters to back up, we also remove invasive non-native weeds from the channel, including arundo, yellow flag iris and pampas grass. Left unchecked, these species could outcompete native plants and degrade the habitat quality of this important riparian system that is critical for many wildlife species that live in the area.

Treatment started in 2014 in the reach of channel between the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter and the Laguna Beach Dog Park. In 2015, the section of channel from El Toro to Phillips Rd. was added to the clearance area.