DeWitt/Water Tank Ravine Restoration

The first step in restoring the future home of Laguna Canyon Foundation to its ecological integrity.

Current Status: In Progress | Start Date: March 2015 | Expected Completion: 2020 | Project Lead: Alan Kaufmann

During the historic flooding that occurred in Laguna Canyon in 2010, an old incineration and dump site was uncovered on this 100-acre property, which had been purchased by the City of Laguna Beach as open space several years previously. Discovery of the dump site necessitated a massive cleanup operation, which was completed in January 2015. Laguna Canyon Foundation has partnered with the City to restore native vegetation to several pieces of this property damaged by the flooding and subsequent cleanup operation. We are currently working on restoring approximately two acres of coastal sage scrub, woodland/scrub and southern willow scrub habitat.

Laguna Canyon Foundation is also working on renovating the old ranch house on this property, which will become the new headquarters of the organization when it is completed.