Restoration Stewardship

The restoration stewardship volunteer program offers 60 events throughout the year,

The canyons surrounding Laguna Beach have captured the inspiration of both artists and nature lovers throughout history. Those of us lucky enough to call this special place home appreciate the canyons' natural beauty, environmental benefits, and diverse recreational opportunities. But most residents are unaware of how valuable the ecosystem is that sits in their own backyard. The coastal sage scrub habitat that makes up much of the canyon ecosystem is some of the last of its kind. We as a community have the privilege and responsibility to protect this globally recognized biodiversity hotspot for generations to come.

Through inspiration, education, and stewardship, Laguna Canyon Foundation is dedicated to connecting our community to our local natural resources. In our ever more disconnected world, it is vital that our residents feel connected to nature so that they are willing to fight to protect it. Creating programs that offer people the opportunity to connect with nature will inspire them to want to protect our local natural resources.

The restoration stewardship volunteer program offers 60 events throughout the year, incorporating opportunities for participants to follow the life cycle of a plant, from collecting and planting seeds, to caring for the young nursery plants, to planting them at our restoration project site. Once the plants are in the ground, volunteers will have the opportunity to continue tending them during our monthly restoration events. This will establish a personal connection to the ecosystem and inspire repeated visits, giving each volunteer a unique and personal relationship with the land. Volunteers will learn about native plants, habitat restoration, citizen science, and the importance of conserving our wildlands, while contributing in a tangible, hands-on way to our habitat restoration efforts.

There’s no prior experience required in order to participate in our restoration stewardship! All are welcome! Interested in joining?

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