Restoration Program

We work with many partners to restore critical habitat to health in and around the South Coast Wilderness.

Originally founded to facilitate the transfer of land from private to public ownership so that the open space could be protected in perpetuity, Laguna Canyon Foundation has evolved from its land acquisition roots to also engage in education, public programming, assisting the Parks with trail maintenance, and conducting habitat restoration projects in and around the South Coast Wilderness.

The Restoration Program is currently engaged in over a dozen different projects. We partner with OC Parks, the City of Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach Fire Department, Orange County Transportation Authority, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and private landowners to restore native habitats, conduct weed management, protect rare plants, mitigate flood risks and manage fuel modification efforts throughout the South Coast Wilderness and surrounding areas.

To learn more about what we do, check out the project descriptions linked below. To learn about restoration volunteer opportunities, click here.

Trail Stewardship

Trail Stewardship

We work with OC Parks to prioritize, design and build sustainable and fun trails within the authorized trail system.

wildlife corridor

Wildlife Corridor

Establishing a linkage between the Laguna Greenbelt and other Orange County open spaces.


Big Bend Restoration

We're transforming a dirt lot into a beautiful community nature trail and wildlife corridor in the heart of the Canyon.


Aliso Creek Habitat Restoration

Expected to be completed in 2021, we are restoring the Aliso Creek Watershed to its original ecosystem and beauty.


North Laguna Cactus Scrub Restoration

Completed in 2014, the Cactus Scrub Restoration project brought sensitive cactus and coastal scrub habitat back to life.