Save the Canyon in 2015!


Twenty-five years ago, a few dedicated people formed Laguna Canyon Foundation with one primary mission: to buy open space and save it from development. We’ve done an incredible job preserving land, and in fact, there are only about 350 acres remaining to add to our greenbelt.

Now, in 2015, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re at a watershed moment. It’s time to expand beyond preserving the land and move into protecting it. Protecting it from what? Simple. It’s time to protect this land from being loved to death. The number of people in our parks has tripled over the last five years. People are flocking from all over the country, and in fact, from all over the globe, to ride our trails and hike in our canyon.

Once again, we need to come together to protect what we all love. To work together to enhance our parks, improve our trails, and make our coastal canyons even more beautiful. Your gift to Laguna Canyon Foundation goes a long way. In fact:

  • $5,000 will fix ¼ mile of tread
  • $1,000 will plant 100 coastal sage scrub plants
  • $500 brings an entire classroom of kids into the open space
  • $100 installs one grade reversal
  • $50 grows a California sagebrush from seed to mature

We hope you’ll join us this year in the fight to keep the land you love wild and pristine!


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