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Protect what you love

Dedicated to the 22,000-acre South Coast Wilderness system of parks and preserves.

Be a part of protecting the land you love.

When you’re out in our canyon, take a minute to think about what could have been. In 1989 organized protesters marched down Laguna Canyon Road to prevent the development of shopping centers, golf courses and thousands of homes throughout the open space.

They succeeded. Today, we have 22,000 acres of wilderness to preserve and protect for future generations and for the flora and fauna that make these canyons their home.

Our Mission


Habitat fragmentation, invasive species, increased trail use and urbanization: our open space faces threats every day. It’s vital that we come together to find a balance between our community and and the delicate habitat.



Designated as a biodiversity hotspot, just like the Amazon Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, our canyons’ coastal sage scrub habitat of our canyons is some of the last of its kind and supports native plants and animals, including several endangered species. Our staff biologists and ecologists, along with all of our colleagues, partner with like-minded organizations and dedicated volunteers to conserve and preserve this precious land.


Laguna Canyon Foundation’s trail program oversees the maintenance of 26-miles of singletrack trail in Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park and Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. The program was conceived in 2014 as an initiative to assist our local parks in maintaining their trail systems while simultaneously engaging the community. Our work primarily consists of coordinating volunteer events and contracted work from local land management agencies.

The Trails Program’s mission:

To bring all South Coast Wilderness trail users together to find common ground, learn about what it takes to build and maintain trails, and develop a sense of stewardship for their parks, while improving the trails for all.


Each school year, Laguna Canyon Foundation brings second through fifth grade students from our Title 1 partner schools for a day on the trails to develop a sense of love and responsibility for the land and all the plants and animals that make this open space their home. Following Next Generation Science Standards, our program offers the students both a healthy wilderness experience and real-life lessons to complement their classroom studies.

We connect people to the land through guided rides, hikes and other events,  as well as many volunteering options.

Get Involved

Whether you’re a biker, a hiker, a birder, a photographer, a lover of plants and animals, or just want to get out and enjoy the open space, we have something for you!


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