The Michael and Tricia Bern Canyon Preserve at Laguna Canyon Foundation’s headquarters is slated to be completed in Summer 2022.

We are very proud to be working with Michael and Tricia and Terremoto Landscape. Together, we’ve committed to “Keep it Wild and Weird.”  We will honor the land; we will honor the residents past and present; we will honor the labor; and we will reuse as many materials as possible.

This renovation will include a Discovery Terrace with meandering trails, a Gathering Terrace with welcoming places to sit and ponder,  and a Utility Terrace to support our restoration and conservation efforts.

More invasive plants will be removed, allowing the native elderberries and toyons their place in the sun while we explore potential features like a cedar gathering deck, a mandala-like labyrinth or a rock lined arroyo.

Honoring the history of this land, and the people who have inhabited this land for hundreds of years will allow us to restore this wilderness and inspire our community to protect the land we all love so very much.

Watch our progress here!

Do Right by the Site

(November 2020) Dani, David and Jenny from Terremoto sharing ideas.

Sleeping on it

(January 2021) Reggae deeply contemplates Terremoto's plans.

A Colorful Choice

(March 2021) Classic grey made the cut.

Masked Meeting

(April 2021) Plan comments.

This Ice Plant Has Got to Go!

(May 2021) Josie and Paula scan the site with Jenny from Terremoto.

It's a Sign

(June 2021) Michael and Tricia Berns Canyon Preserve sign is being installed.

Beautiful Afternoon

(June 2021) Michael and Tricia enjoy a hike.

Reclaim, Reuse

(July 2021) Our reclaimed wood delivery was interesting.

The Hollow

(August 2021) Once the ice plant, mustard and hemlock were cleared, we see what appears to be an old corral.

Believe It or Not!

(August 2021) This dumpster wasn't big enough for all the invasive plants that Erika, Corey, Adam and the CCCs removed.

Clear the Decks!

(August 2021) A roadrunner waits for guests on the Gathering Terrace.

Summer in the City

(August 2021) Dani, from Terremoto submits plans to the City of Laguna Beach.

Story Polling is Rolling

(September 2021) The future site of the Utility Terrace - where our conservation starts. Tools, nursery, seeds, seedlings.

Reaching Out to the Neighbors ...

(September 2021) ... and getting wonderful comments and great support.

Breakfast at Zinc

(October 2021) Checking out plans with Barbara MacGillivray and Jenny from Terremoto

Welcome New Staff!

(October 2021) Training at the Berns Canyon Preserve and getting ready for a busy field season!


(October 2021) Approval received from Planning Commission. Next stop: Building Department.

Yes! There's an Elderberry There!

(October 2021) Restoration Coordinator Robin checks out the clearing of invasive plants.