Blooms of Aliso Creek

One of my favorite things to do while I’m out working in the field is to take pictures of all the beautiful blooms of native plants. Aliso Creek is a very diverse area that contains different habitats in close proximity.

Some of the habitats you’ll find in Aliso Creek and its surroundings are: riparian, riparian transitional, and upland. All these different habitats make it a great area to see a large diversity of species of plants.

Plants like the coastal cholla (Cylindropuntia prolifera) need minimal water to survive so they do great in upland habitat. Plants like pacific blackberry (Rubus ursinus) need a lot of moisture and are found in riparian habitat in Aliso creek. Wild cucumbers (Marah macrocarpa ) and many other plant species can be found in the riparian transitional, between upland and riparian areas, since they can survive with little moisture but can thrive in higher moisture areas as well.

Next time you are out taking a hike along the Aliso creek trail look out for some beautiful blooms, while staying on the trail of course!

Photos by Dulce Cortez and Corey Stafford