Board Member Dave Csira Departs Laguna Canyon Foundation

One of the biggest rewards of working for a nonprofit is the fantastic people we have the privilege of meeting and collaborating with. It’s no secret that nonprofits are known for passionate people looking to make a difference in their community, and Laguna Canyon Foundation is no exception. Since joining Laguna Canyon Foundation’s team, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet remarkable people who work towards a better future for our canyons and the communities that surround them.

I first met Dave Csira when I interviewed with him and Laguna Canyon Foundation’s Executive Director, Hallie Jones. He introduced himself as a board member, but as I would soon find out, Dave was much more than that – he was LCF’s own personal crusader. In his years as a board member, he has been the staff’s go-to person for everything from budget questions to donor acknowledgment. Dave has spent countless hours reviewing and re-structuring budgets; meeting park users, potential supporters, and collaborators; and playing a significant role in strategic planning for LCF’s future. He’s fought hard for the continuation of our programs, making an impassioned plea for the importance of LCF’s South Coast Wilderness Education Programs, which brings students from local Title I elementary schools into the wilderness parks, when the program was in danger of being cut due to a lack of funding.

Since joining the board in 2013, Dave has seen the organization through program development and significant budgeting and staffing changes, and has helped launch an extensive capital campaign for Laguna Canyon Foundation’s new Wilderness Center. His commitment to Laguna Canyon Foundation has gone above and beyond the duties of his many positions, which have included Vice President, Interim Secretary, Fundraising Committee Chair, and Wilderness Center Construction Committee Member. Fortunately, we are not the only organization to have benefited from Dave’s service. He is, and will continue to be, a pillar in our community. Dave, who is also a local realtor, was recently elected President of the Laguna Beach Board of Realtors, where he continues to give generously back to the community.

As Dave moves on to new challenges and opportunities, we’re confident he’ll bring his high-level skills to other organizations in times of flux. His steady leadership has made our progress possible.

We’ll miss you, Dave!