Donate to Protect the Land You Love

What a winter we had! After so many years of scanty rain and bone-dry winters, I was so happy to fall asleep to the sound of heavy rain and look forward to the greening up of our open space.

And green up it did! The wildflowers were plentiful and the grasses tall. The species that depend on those plants, like the painted lady butterflies that migrated through in March, were out in abundance as well.

Unfortunately, our heavy rains brought more than just flowers and butterflies. We’ve seen trails blown out or rutted so deeply that they’re barely passable. We’ve seen deep footprints and bike tracks leaving lasting indentations in wet mud. We’ve also seen explosions of invasive species, like mustards and flammable invasive grasses.

In times of abundance, like this winter, our work multiplies. There are so many weeds to manage, plants to get in the ground while the conditions are right, and trails to fix and repair.

That’s why we’re asking for your support this spring. Donate today and help us continue to:

  • Protect our trails by building natural drainage features that prevent erosion.
  • Identify and remove invasive, fire-fueling plants in wildfire-buffer zones and sensitive habitat.
  • Plant thousands of native plants to restore our precious coastal sage scrub habitat.
  • Fight for reasonable alternatives to CalTrans’ proposed widening of Laguna Canyon Road that will protect our open space rather than destroy it.
  • Help develop restoration plans for Aliso Creek that preserve healthy habitat, rather than see the Army Corps of Engineers bring in the bulldozers.

It’s at times like this that the core work of protecting the land we love becomes clear. And we can’t do it without you.

Those trails you love, the views you cherish…they’re here because people like you fought for them.

Join us today. Help us keep this land healthy, beautiful, fire-safe, and accessible.

See you on the trails,

Hallie Jones

Executive Director