It’s a Sign

As you drive along Laguna Canyon Road, you may have noticed a sign being installed across from the Willow Staging Area and next to Laguna Canyon Creek.

It is a sign of things to come.  After more than a year of working remotely, staff is beginning to return to the office. During this past year, the grounds around our headquarters have been maintained by our restoration staff.  We have a beautiful wildflower meadow.  Invasive plants are being removed. We have continued to preserve and protect our wilderness.

And, through the generosity of Michael and Tricia Berns we are embarking on a new project to renovate the native habitat that surround the Massen Greene House.

The sign will be completed this month to mark the Michael and Tricia Bern Canyon Preserve at Laguna Canyon Foundation’s headquarters.

LCF’s Josie and Paula and Terremoto’s Jenny survey the site.

We are very proud to be working with Michael and Tricia, and Terremoto Landscape and together we’ve committed to “Keep it Wild and Weird.”  We will honor the land; we will honor the labor; and we will reuse as many materials as possible.

This renovation will include a Discovery Terrace with meandering trails, a Gathering Terrace with an amphitheater and a Utility Terrace to support our restoration and conservation efforts.

More invasive plants will be removed, allowing the native elderberries and toyons their place in the sun while we explore potential features like a cedar gathering deck, a mandala like labyrinth or a rock lined arroyo.

Honoring the history of this land, and the people who have inhabited this land for hundreds of years will allow us to restore this wilderness and inspire our community to protect the land we all love so very much.