Laguna Canyon – Your Backyard

vista canyon

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video can be worth even more. In this age of digital media, we at Laguna Canyon Foundation knew we needed to step up to share our wonderful wilderness and our critical mission with people beyond our loyal supporters and those right in our own neighborhood. So when we caught sight of John Barrett’s film on Laguna Beach, we got the brilliant idea to capture the things that make our open space so special on film.

Now, more than ever, we need to be working together to support the 22,000-acre greenbelt that surrounds Laguna Beach. Through trail work, habitat restoration, environmentally responsible fuel modification work, and, above all, inspiration and education, we continue to protect the land we all love.

How do we narrow down all of the beauty that surrounds us into just three minutes? How can we capture what Laguna Canyon Foundation does, and even more so, why we do it, in such a short time? We let the wilderness, flora, fauna and the work of our supporters speak for themselves. Take a look.

More importantly, take a hike to see, firsthand, the beauty in our own backyard.

We are grateful to those who contributed to this video:

John Barrett, filmmaker
John Barrett Media

Aric Barrera, for narration

Charles Michael Murphy, for the historic footage

Lance Milbrand, for select wildlife footage

Robert Martinez, for the mountain lion and bobcat footage
Parliament of Owls

Monika Yen and her happy band of soccer players

Our wonderful volunteers who step in every day to make our work possible!

Join us!