Volunteer Spotlight: The Nursery Team

The Native Plant Nursery and the volunteers that work there are an invaluable part of the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. The nursery team works with the Laguna Canyon Foundation and OC parks to determine what the native plant needs are for the coming planned native plant restoration projects. The team works through the plant growing cycles to determine when to collect seed within the park to propagate native plants for restoration. There is also a tree and shrub structure where trees such as Coast Live Oak and Sycamores can be grown. In addition to plant propagation there are many duties to maintain a successful nursery. The nursery team also keeps the nursery running by maintaining the watering system and grounds around the nursery.

The LCF Native Plant Nursery team consists of many volunteers and LCF staff. The following volunteers work in the nursery; Drew Delaney, Rodney Ferguson, Dave Randel, Sarah Jayne, Chuck Wright, Paul Doyle, Kendra Jones, Colin Crofts, Kelly Geary and Robert Kerman. The following LCF staff work at the nursery as well; Matthew Sutton, Gigi Harvey and Alan Kaufmann.

Through our nursery teams efforts we are able to provide many of the native plants for restoration projects such as “Keep It Wild” days. Our regular volunteers and community volunteers come together to work on these important restoration projects several times a year, usually monthly. The nursery and the volunteers that work there are an invaluable part of the Laguna Canyon Foundation. Without the native plant nursery many of the restoration projects at the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park would not be possible. This is why our volunteers are so important to our parks!