Trail Season: That’s a Wrap!

That’s a wrap! Laguna Canyon Foundation has officially completed another successful season of work on the Parks trails!

Our trailwork is a true community effort. Volunteers, OC Parks staff and Laguna Canyon Foundation staff work side by side at both regularly-scheduled and quick-response trail events, preparing for and mitigating rainfall and fire damage and repairing and improving our trails so that they are fun and safe for all users and have minimal impacts on the adjacent habitats.

Check out what we accomplished this year:

Stats for this season:  
Number of Volunteer Events: 52
Total number of Event Hours: 187
Unique Volunteers Engaged: 78
Number of Trails Worked On: 15
Total Volunteer Hours: 686
Total Hours of Trail Work (incl. LCF staff): 1000+
And here are some highlights of our accomplishments:  
Drainage Features Constructed: 48
Drainage Features Maintained/Improved: 77
Turns Constructed: 3
Turns Maintained/Improved: 19
Tread Maintained/Improved (linear feet): 1600
Tread Armored (linear feet): 170
Naturalization (square feet): 5,075
Trail Cleared of Brush (linear feet): 21,500 (That’s over 4 miles!)

Considering some of the challenges we faced (including having several events cancelled due to rain), we did some amazing work! Of course, in addition to all of the great changes we made to the Parks’ trails, hopefully we also made some changes in the hearts and minds of everyone who participated in an event or used one of the trails that we improved. We hope that people gain a greater appreciation for—and a sense of stewardship for—the trails and the Parks themselves, that they find common ground with people from different user groups, and that they find a greater connection with “The Wild,” both out on the trails, and inside of themselves.

Thank you so much to all of our OC Parks Partners, our Donors and especially our incredible, amazing, hard-working Volunteers!  You are making a difference!

Like laundry, trail work is never done.  We will be continuing to work on the trails throughout the summer, mostly on Thursday mornings.  If you think you have what it takes to enjoy hard manual labor in the hot blazing sun (not to mention surviving it), email Alan to be added to the Summer Trail Crew email list.  We will start up our open-to-the-public events again in October, and they will be posted on our website under the “Get Involved” tab—or follow this link.