Welcome, Adam!

Laguna Canyon Foundation is happy to introduce its newest staff member, Restoration Technician Adam Verrell.

Adam was born and raised in the great state of Washington. A lifetime of love for the natural world lead him to study Conservation Biology at the University of Washington in Seattle, earning a BS in 2015. Coupling his interests with a passion for adventure, he has worked in habitat restoration in the Ecuadorian Amazon, earned a permaculture certification in Costa Rica, worked on organic farms in locations ranging from Belize to New Zealand, and was most recently part of an eco-friendly landscaping crew in Portland, Oregon. Hands-on experience in a wide variety of ecosystems have given him a strong background in sustainable land management and landscape maintenance, which he now brings with him to his restoration work in the canyon. He relocated to Orange County in late 2017 to join Laguna Canyon Foundation’s restoration team.

Adam has been hard at work since he joined LCF in late October, mainly out in the field with Restoration and Trails Director Alan Kaufmann, Restoration Manager Josie Bennett, and Restoration Coordinator Cameron Davis. Adam works as the “boots on the ground” lead of Laguna Canyon Foundation’s restoration department. He has been taking on all aspects of preparing for the imminent planting season, from managing weeds and setting up irrigation systems to retrieving plants from the nursery and preparing the restoration sites. Adam has also been working on Laguna Canyon Foundation’s Crownbeard Transplantation project, assisting with the delicate work of safely transplanting this rare and threatened species, and attended some of our Restoration Stewardship volunteer events.

He’s already become a key part of the restoration team, and we’re glad to have him on board! Please join us in welcoming Adam to the LCF team.