Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Enjoy the Nix Nature Center, coastal vistas and serene canyon landscapes.

Coastal vistas
nix nature center
Laurel canyon

Opened in 1993, Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is made up of 7,000 acres of coastal canyons, high ridges, and endangered coastal sage scrub. The habitat also includes maritime chaparral, oak woodlands, sycamore-shaded canyons, riparian (or stream bank) areas, and the last remaining natural lake in Orange County.

Over 42 miles of trail connect the different parts of Laguna Coast, and most of these trails are open to bikes, hikers, and horses. Some of the most popular hikes in the park include the Laurel Canyon loop, out of the Willow Staging Area, and Stagecoach South, out of Little Sycamore. You’ll also find the James and Rosemary Nix Nature Center at the Little Sycamore Staging Area, where you can learn about the Native American populations that once called these canyons home, as well as the flora and fauna that live here today.