COVID-19 Non-Profit Impacts – We Need Your Help

In just a few short months, Covid-19 changed the world as we know it. As with so many of you, our offices closed and we began sheltering at home. Our trailheads and local beaches began to close too. The sanctuary we had each found in our open space became inaccessible. In order to protect the most vulnerable among us, our worlds became smaller. More insular. More internal.

There has never been a clearer sign in my lifetime of how much the open space brings to us in the form of peace, solitude and quiet. It’s another thing so many of us will never take for granted again.

For our open space, this break from human activity has been full of wonder. Wildlife has been free to roam, hunt and breed without the stress of hikers and bikers. Our plant life is thriving with the abundant rain, growing in lush thickets across unauthorized trails and on the hillsides.

As restrictions loosen and the trailheads and staging areas begin to open once more, we will be coming into a new space. A healed wilderness to explore. And it’s my hope that we will each come into our parks with newly opened eyes, and a newfound respect for the beauty and resilience in our natural world.

With things changing so rapidly around us, I can’t predict where things will be in the future. But I know one thing:

Things will be different. Times will be hard, emotionally and perhaps economically. You might not have the same capacity to give that you once had.

But I hope you will give what you can to help Laguna Canyon Foundation weather this global storm.  More than ever, we need your help. Remote work requirements and program cancellations will result in a significant loss of income for our nonprofit, income that funds the backbone of our mission. Please donate today to help make sure this land we all fought so hard to preserve stays protected, healthy and accessible.

And someday soon, I know I’ll see you on the trails.

With gratitude for our beautiful parks, and for you,

Hallie Jones

Executive Director

Donate online or by mail: PO Box 4895, Laguna Beach, CA 92652

Trail photo by Spencer Jones; deer and flower photos by Cameron Davis