Wild. Pristine. Fragile.

I just got back from a backpacking trip along the Trans-Catalina Trail. Forty miles and 17,000 feet of cumulative elevation gain along some of California’s most rugged coastlines.

Bobcat. Photo by John Foley

Hiking along those switchbacks and steep hills, I was reminded of Laguna Canyon with every step. Cresting hills that look like Bommer Ridge and traversing through ravines that resemble Emerald Canyon bring to mind the way Orange County looked hundreds of years ago.

Wild. Pristine. And so very fragile.

We’re each incredibly lucky to be surrounded by 22,000 acres of that rugged, natural beauty. But unlike Catalina’s backcountry, we’re also surrounded by over 4 million people who want to experience this land too.

That pressure on the land is undeniable. In fact, the latest data shows that up to two hundred people per hour are using some of our most popular trailheads! Which is why your support for Laguna Canyon Foundation makes such a difference.

In 2020, your donation will go directly to:

  • Maintaining the 70 miles of trails that traverse our backcountry.
  • Removing the invasive species, like Sahara mustard and giant reed, that choke out our rare native species.
  • Bringing 4,500 underserved kids into the wilderness for free, science-based field trips. For many of these kids, it’s their first time in a wilderness park and their first hike.
  • Offering free guided bird watching and geology hikes that introduce our open space to thousands of people each year. Sign up at lagunacanyon.org/events.
  • Working collaboratively with governing agencies to improve safety and traffic flow in Laguna Canyon without impacting ancient oak trees and iconic rock formations.
  • Improving fire safety by thinning invasive species near homes and protecting native plants.
Keeping it Wild

I know how much this land matters to you. Because it matters to me too.

Whether you’re an avid hiker like me, a mountain biker or trail runner, or just feel like you can breathe a little deeper when you’re looking out at this landscape, it brings us each peace, clarity, and a little bit of adventure.

Please donate today to help make sure it stays that way. Wild. Pristine. And accessible. I’m so grateful for your support.

Thanks for being a part of saving our canyon. See you on the trails.

Donations can be made at lagunacanyon.org/donate or sent to PO Box 4895, Laguna Beach, CA 92652